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Choosing Your Next Travel Destination

For some, choosing the next travel destination comes easy, for others, it’s a whole different story. It’s good to be flexible, as that’s the charm of living the nomadic lifestyle. However, there’s no harm in investing some time and thought into the decision. Your choice of destination will greatly affect your happiness and overall experience. So where should you go on your next trip? Here are a few destinations to consider.

Porto: Portugal

Porto stands out in more ways than one. Dubbed the “unvanquished city”, Porto boasts a rich history, gastronomy, breathtaking architecture, trade, discoveries and encounters among other exciting things. It has all the spoils of a traveller’s paradise. It’s picturesque landscapes and magnificent bridges lend fantastic views of a city that has many stories to tell. Discover this sea city by taking a cruise on the city’s majestic river Douro. Enjoy the simple pleasure of strolling along the river or fly over it to unlock an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Milan: Italy

When it comes to Italy: think cheese. Well, there’s plenty more to it than that. Milan is an exciting place to be. Everything from the churches, museums, and palaces speak vibrantly of its architecture and contemporary art. A haven for many a traveller, Milan easily lets you in on Italy’s most advanced and modern city. The international flair, style, energy and elegance will sweep you off your feet. It goes without saying that this is the home of design and fashion, which makes for a promising shopping experience for all tastes and pockets.

Athens: Greece

With a recorded history of over 3500 years, Athens, the capital of Greece is one of the world’s oldest cities. But don’t be fooled by its age, the city is constantly undergoing urban renewal to keep pace with modern times. Travellers from all over the world are eager to discover this city’s marvels. In a unique blend of past and present, Athens’ the city of Olympic games and Classic Marathon, manages to effortlessly awe and inspire.

London: England

For two millennia, London has somewhat always managed to be at the forefront of everything from fashion and music to politics and banking. From touring the Tower of London to exploring the world-class British Museum, there’s more than enough to see and experience in one lifetime. Home to the Buckingham Palace, the city of London has always marries old architecture and art with contemporary design and fashion. London lives up to all the hype.

Paris: France

Based on constant innovation, Paris has made its mark as one of the few really legendary capitals of the world. It’s filled with iconic monuments, museums and churches. Still, you can take a stroll with your loved one during the day and enjoy the world-renowned French cuisine and finish it off with amazing wine at night. Paris is the result of visionary rulers and skilled architects. It’s unforgettable ambience draws millions of visitors each year. And of course, who wouldn’t want to take in the view atop the Eiffel Tower.